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August 11th, 2021

Randomix Productions’ first film, What Josiah Saw, will have its World Premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival

Randomix Productions’ first film, What Josiah Saw, will have its World Premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, a highly respected genre film festival and one of the most prestigious in North America. The film will be premiering on August (Friday the) 13th, one of the festival’s most lucrative time slots. The film is among the festival’s most anticipated submissions, and is in the running for the festival’s Audience award.

July 8th, 2021

Medidyne A/S & Mennen Medical signed an exclusive agreement for BiliCare in Denmark & Finland

Medidyne A/S, a leading supplier of medical devices in the Nordic countries, today announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Mennen Medical Ltd. to be the exclusive distributor for the BiliCare product line in Denmark and Finland.

“We are thrilled to add BiliCare to our product portfolio and appreciate the tremendous value it brings to our customers. It will allow caregivers to non-invasively monitor bilirubin levels in newborns and enhance our overall offering to the Neonatal market.” said Knut Clem, CEO of Medidyne A/S.

“It is always encouraging to partner with a top-notch distributor like Medidyne.” said Danny Harel, CCO Mennen Medical Ltd. “We already saw great growth in many countries around the globe and I am sure our product is in the right hands now to assist Neonatal caregivers in Denmark and Finland too.”

March 9th, 2021

CareVie Medical becomes Mennen Medical partner for BiliCare in Africa

It is a pleasure to announce that CareVie Medical became Mennen Medicals partner for the African continent to further grow the BiliCare usage, the perfect non-invasive Bilirubinometer the new-borns.

The non-invasive and proven method of measuring bilirubin through LED technology, which does not require calibration, optimizes the ease of use and is economically beneficial compared to other technologies. The patients benefit through less blood draws and less stress. For new-borns this is a crucial factor.

To learn more about the BiliCare:

CareVie Medical is proud to partner with Mennen since the vision of Mennen supports its vision:

“CareVie Medical strives to decrease workload for caregivers and optimize patient outcomes by bringing innovative products to physicians and nurses. We understand the customers challenging working environment and select our partners and the products we are representing carefully. Together with our business partners, we challenge ingrained thought patterns and dare to go new pathways – for the benefit of our customers and patients. “

For any further information about Carevie Medical please go to:  

January 22nd, 2021

Pargon Care trading as REM SYSTEMS & Mennen Medical signed an exclusive agreement for BiliCare in Australia & New Zealand

North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia, January 22, 2021 — Pargon Care Group Australia Pty.Ltd trading as REM SYSTEMS , the leading medical products distributor in Australia & New Zealand, today announced that it has entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Mennen Medical Ltd. to be the exclusive distributor for the BiliCare product line in Australia & New Zealand.

“Mennen Medical is one of our most valued suppliers ,” said Kellie Roberts, Business Manager – Medical, at REM SYSTEMS. “We promoted the BiliCare in Australia and New Zealand for quite some time and as we received the great feedback from our customers, we knew an exclusive distribution agreement is the right next step for us. We feel confident in the product and our ability to serve the local jaundice screening market.”

“We worked closely with the wonderful team of REM SYSTEMS in Australia & New Zealand, so it was only a natural path for both parties to move forward together.” said Danny Harel, CCO Mennen Medical Ltd. “We know our BiliCare product is well represented in Australia & New Zealand by REM SYSTEMS and we have even higher expectations for the future. I am sure this cooperation will lead to great things.”

The distribution agreement is effective immediately.

About REM Systems:

About Mennen Medical:

December 29th, 2020

Hessa Medical Equipment Co LLC & Mennen Medical announced their exclusive agreement for BiliCare in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 29, 2020 — Hessa Medical Equipments Co. LLC, a leading medical devices supplier in UAE, today announced that it has entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Mennen Medical Ltd. to be the exclusive distributor for the Bilicare product line in UAE and neighboring countries.

“Being among the top leaders of the health care industry in the UAE and the neighboring countries, we constantly strive to offer the best available products from all over the world,” said Zeeshan Quazi, Sales & Marketing Manager of Hessa Medical. “We see the tremendous benefits the Bilicare has to offer to improve the jaundice screening process using this superb product, and it perfectly fits our vision – offering to our customers high quality products at competitive prices”

“We are excited to be working together with Hessa Medical’s excellent team” said Danny Harel, CCO Mennen Medical Ltd. “It is another important milestone in the Bilicare market’s expansion, as we are entering these new and attractive markets. I am confident that this partnership will lead to a great mutual success.”

About Hessa Medical:

About Mennen Medical:

October 1st, 2020

Genworks Health & Mennen Medical announced their exclusive agreement to introduce & accelerate adoption of BilliCare in India

GenWorks Health and Mennen Medical, Israel Team-up to Remove the “Pricking Pain” of New-born Jaundice Tests and Risk of Re-Admission in COVID times

Hyperbilirubinemia significant cause hospital re-admission & long hospital stay for neonates, doubling the risk to their life and disabilities during COVID pandemic.

Bangalore, October 1, 2020: Mennen Medical, Israel and GenWorks Health announced their exclusive agreement to introduce and accelerate adoption of BilliCare, neonatal non-invasive bilirubin meter for measuring and monitoring of bilirubin levels in the new-borns in India.

Neonatal jaundice a common condition in new-borns, affecting 50-60% of full-term babies and 80% of those born prematurely. While in most babies, jaundice goes away on its own or with mild treatment, for about 4-6.5% of all live-borns and about 25.3% in the first few weeks of life. Jaundice is the commonest abnormal physical finding during the first week of life.

“Today in order to evaluate and measure bilirubin levels, we have to take frequent blood samples through needle insertion, a very painful and time-consuming procedure for infants. We want to remove this “pain and delay” and welcome them to a pain-free life with our invention – BilliCare – a non-invasive, accurate transcutaneous bilirubin meter for instant results.  And we are pleased to have a great partner in GenWorks Health who can accelerate the reach and adoption of this innovation to every new born care provider in India” Said Danny Harel, CCO of Mennen Medical, Israel.

“Jaundice in the early neonatal period is a common condition that every Neonatologist or Paediatrician has to deal with. It requires careful assessment, monitoring and timely treatment. Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia can result in devastating brain injury, deafness and prolonged hospitalization. Treatment of jaundice is dependent on the cause and level of bilirubin. Visual assessment has been the traditional way of estimating the bilirubin levels in the babies. They are subjective and also influenced by the baby’s complexion hence lacking accuracy. Visual assessment screening, due to its inaccuracy often requires testing of the baby’s blood. These invasive testing are painful, time consuming and also dependent on the skill of the phlebotomist in sampling the young and tiny babies. There has always been a need for a better non-invasive screening with minimized handling of the neonates.

These requirements are now met by the transcutaneous Bilirubin meter. They are easy to carry, simple to use, and quick to report the bilirubin values. They have increased screening accuracy and reduced painful sampling. Transcutaneous bilirubin meter is a definite milestone in improving Neonatal care.” Said Dr Shobana Rajendran, Consultant Neonatologist, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Chennai.

Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia (NNH) is a significant cause of neonatal morbidity, prolongation of hospital stay and re-admissions, which in turn increases the chances of sepsis and mortality in the newborn period. Hyperbilirubinemia is recognized as clinical jaundice in approximately 20-50% of full term and 80% of preterm neonates.. India gives birth to 1 every second leading to 27 million births. 3.5 million of these births are pre-mature and at high health risks and mortality.

Risk of Re-Admission of Neonates to Hospitals during COVID Pandemic: Hyperbilirubinemia (NNH) is a significant cause for hospital re-admission & long hospital stay for neonates. About 12-13% of new-borns discharged early or in 72 hours of birth with mild jaundice can develop subsequent moderate to severe hyperbilirubinemia requiring re-admissions to hospitals for treatment, exposing neonates to further risk of COVID pandemic. Neonates with mild are more likely to be readmitted to hospital compared to neonate with high-risk jaundice as the early recognition of NNH and treatment is difficult. Measuring and monitoring of the neonatal jaundice using needles also increases the risk of infections.  Screening every newborn using a non-invasive and non-touch method offers significant safety for newborns during times like this.

“New-born jaundice monitoring and treatment is essential for healthy development of new-borns. At GenWorks, we are committed to bring technology innovations that can aid healthy pregnancy, birthing, monitoring and treatment of new-borns & mothers. We have a full fledged array of technologies for the new-born care and healthy development. We are pleased partner with Mennen Medical and enhance our arsenal with their innovation  – BilliCare for newborn health, care and development”. Said S, Ganesh Prasad, Director, GenWorks Health.

“Billicare is unique & versatile as it presents the best solution to safe, instant and non-invasive measurements of neonate billirubin levels helping find right course of care and prevent re-admissions.” Added Ganesh Prasad.

BilliCare from Mennen Medical is an LED based, easy, non-invasive technology that allows simple clipping of the probe on the ear of the baby to obtain accurate results instantly to show the progression of bilirubin levels to the clinician at the bedside of the new-born. Billicare saves the new-born from puncturing the skin and resultant risks. LED technology transmits light at different wavelengths through the outer ear and the light absorption is calculated and displayed using an accurate software algorithm developed by Mennen Medical. LED technology can provide accurate diagnosis without deterioration for several years and BilliCare is a portable, wireless, battery operated device that can be taken from bed to bed conveniently.

Phototherapy is a common and highly effective method of treatment that uses light to break down bilirubin in newborn’s body. GenWorks has a series of LED based phototherapy solutions that can help break down the bilirubin in the newborn.

About GenWorks Health: Genworks Health is a Wipro GE invested company with direct presence in 27 states and 120 locations. Genworks was born to create access and affordable care in all 635 districts of India where access to healthcare technology and training are minimal. GenWorks Health has installed over a record 10000 healthcare technologies in tier II and III towns of India in the past 5 years. GenWorks Health has formed a new Covid Solutions Wing to support healthcare providers with essential technologies and training.

About Mennen Medical: Mennen Medical group has been innovating medical technologies for over 50 years for improving lives of people and care providers. Mennen Medical has a highly established R&D team, international sales network in multiple countries and is headquartered in Israel with owned subsidiaries in the US and UK.


June 29th, 2020

Mennen Medical Ventures acquires additional 30% to raise its stake in CardioScale to 70%

Mennen Medical Ventures, the VC investment arm of Mennen Medical Group, has come to an agreement with CardioScale for an additional investment that will result in MMV owning 70% of the company. This increased stake will allow the company an even tighter integration with Mennen Medical to leverage its infrastructure of R&D, Logistics, Sales and Marketing. CardioScale shall use the latest investment to finance a new research and development program, as well as advanced clinical trials.


CardioScale develops a new technology that revolutionizes patient care by allowing medical professionals to predict deterioration in patients, even when their vital signs seem to be within normal range. This enables them to make informed decisions regarding intervention, and ultimately save lives.


June 10th, 2020

Randomix announces the establishment of GoaldenView LLC

Randomix, the media and entertainment arm of Redworth Capital Group, is proud to announce the establishment of its new fully owned subsidiary – GoaldenView LLC, which will focus on the development of sophisticated and unique algorithms to provide advanced analytical football data (soccer in the US).

The R&D of the project will be conducted in cooperation with Hippocampus, an Israeli leader in the field of digital marketing and data collection and analysis. Angelia Adzic, president of Randomix Group: “While sports statistics in general and soccer statistics in particular are flourishing in recent years, we are planning to concentrate on unique and unusual data and points of view, which are both fun and  thought-provoking for professionals, journalists and anyone who finds deep interest in this fascinating game.” At its R&D stage the project will be led by Dana Namerode, and the company is aiming to launch its data engine during the 2020/21 European season.

April 8th, 2020

AshconMed has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Mennen Medical for the Bilicare product line in Canada

AshconMed (Division of Ashcon International Inc.), a leading medical devices supplier in Canada, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Mennen Medical Ltd. to be the exclusive distributor for the Bilicare product line in Canada.

“Utilizing a high-quality non-invasive transcutaneous bilirubin meter like the Bilicare, is the best method to expand and improve newborn jaundice screening processes,” said Javed Ashai, CEO of Ashcon International Inc. “We feel confident that by offering Bilicare to the Canadian market, we are giving our customers access to the most advanced practice in the most affordable price.”

“In the last couple of years we enjoyed great expansion of our worldwide coverage for our Bilicare product line.” said Danny Harel, CCO Mennen Medical Ltd. “In that perspective, we are very pleased to announce our agreement with AshconMed, a reputable company recognized for its innovations and unparalleled distribution of medical products to the medical community in Canada.”

The distribution agreement is effective immediately.

About AshconMed:

About Mennen Medical:

January 14th, 2020

Redworth Development completed the acquisition of an office buildings' complex in Uniontown, PA

Redworth Development has announced today that it completed the acquisition of an office buildings’ complex in Uniontown, PA. The complex consists of four buildings with a total area of about 50,000 sqf. The complex is located in a central location – next to Uniontown City hospital, which is a main medical services provider of the Fayette country and its surrounding areas. Most of the tenants are medical providers.

“This acquisition is in line with our intention to expand our assets’ portfolio in the commercial market, with a specific focus on special purpose properties. This location is unique and enables professionals that work in the hospital to provide additional services in a comfortable, nearby setting”, said Angelia Adzic, President of Redworth Development.

December 17th, 2019
Randomix Productions is excited to announce the wrapping of its first Hollywood feature film, “What Josiah Saw”

Robert Patrick, Nick Stahl And Tony Hale Among 6 Set For Psychological Horror ‘What Josiah Saw’

Robert Patrick (Scorpion), Nick Stahl (Sleepwalking), Scott Haze (Venom), Kelli Garner (Godzilla: King of the Monsters), Jake Weber (Midway) and Tony Hale (Veep) will star in Vincent Grashaw’s forthcoming psychological horror What Josiah Sawwhich has recently wrapped principal photography in Oklahoma. Written by Robert Alan Dilts, What Josiah Saw tells the story of a family with buried secrets who reunite at a farmhouse after two decades to pay for their past sins. Specific plot details are being kept under wraps. “I felt if I was ever going to do a film which scared people, it would need to be one grounded in a reality that was relatable,” Grashaw said. “It was one of the most unique and terrifying scripts I’d ever come across, and I can’t wait to share this one with an audience.” Randomix Productions’ Ran Namerode is producing alongside Beth Elise Hawk through her shingle, Gemini Girls Productions. Bernie Stern and Vincent Grashaw are also producing. Angelia Adzic and Cole Payne are executive producers. Patrick is repped by Gersh and Coronel Group; Nick Stahl is repped by LINK Entertainment and Fuller Law; Haze is repped by CAA, Thruline Entertainment, and attorney Darren Trattner; Garner is repped by Gersh and More/Medavoy; Weber is repped by Peg Donegan and Kimberly Hines at Framework Entertainment and Barry McPherson at APA; and Hale is repped by UTA and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren, Richman, Rush & Kaller.

November 21st, 2019

Mennen Medical's introduction of the DTR8 at MEDICA was a huge success

Mennen Medical introduced for the first time its revolutionary DTR8 Wearable (CVRI) Monitor at the MEDICA Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The DTR8 is perfect for emergency use and fast response in combat / military, EMS, hospitals and first response teams scenarios such as terror attack evacuation, mass casualties events, multiple car accident and any other triage scenario.

The DTR8 is revolutionizing patient care by utilizing a wearable monitor including the CVRI Index, a proprietary breakthrough technology by another Redworth Capital Portfolio company – CardioScale. It is assessing hemodynamic change in patients, which serves as an add on to the vital signs monitoring, enabling medical staffs to make informed decisions regarding medical intervention and prioritizing patients.

“Re-sellers, medical teams, army representatives from more than 26 countries, showed great interest in the product.” Said Danny Harel, Redworth Capital CCO, “We are extremely excited about the DTR8, and are looking forward to brininging it to the markets early 2020.”

October 14th, 2019

CardioScale annuances that the Cardiovascular Reserve Index (CVRI) calculator receives a CE Mark approval

CardioScale is thrilled to announce that the Cardiovascular Reserve Index (CVRI) calculator has received a CE Marking approval

CE Marking allows clinical use of CVRI in the European Union (EU) and certain other countries that recognize CE Marking. This milestone should benefit both patients and physician users of our tech in Europe & other CE Mark countries.

CVRI stands for Cardiovascular Reserve Index. It detects hemodynamic changes regardless if the patient is compensated or not. CVRI is multi-vital sign index that results a numeric value of CVRI. It detects the hemodynamic change of an individual from his own defined CVRI baseline or from his previous CVRI measurement.

CVRI detects hemodynamic change even when each of the individual vital signs is within normal range and even during the compensated stage. CVRI is patient specific, it is agnostic (not hints to the underlying diagnosis) but directional (decrease CVRI means hemodynamic compromise, increase CVRI means hemodynamic improvement). It enables repetitive measurement and dynamic monitoring which enable pattern detection. The indication is of detecting a hemodynamic change in low risk populations. This is intended for use in patients who are being monitored, that otherwise appear stable, having neither clinical nor vital sign changes that raise concern. CVRI is an additional capability for apparently stable patients who are being monitored. If either clinical findings or vital signs raise concerns of deterioration, there is neither need nor indication to utilize CVRI.

The CVRI Calculator Complies with the dispositions of the directive 93/42/EEC and is classified as class IIa

May 26th, 2019

Redworth Development announces a new Real Estate development project in Sofia, Bulgaria

Redworth Development has announced today that it it joined forces with Home Town Development Ltd. to develop a new Real Estate project in Sofia, Bulgaria. The project shall include 60 luxury apartments and 2 commercial levels.

“Sofia’s Real Estate has grown remarkably in the last few years and presents a great potential”, said Ran Namerode, Chairman, Redworth Capital Group, “We believe that this will be a wonderful high-end commercial and residential combined project.”

We offer a unique opportunity to follow the progress of our project live 24/7



April 4th, 2019

Mennen Medical to acquire the assets of Adi Medical Ltd.

Mennen Medical, a global leading provider of high-end medical devices for a wide range of Hospital’s settings, announced today that it concluded the acquisition of the assets of Adi Medical Equipment Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of sophisticated powered medical carts specifically designed for healthcare and clinical environments.

“Medical carts became an integral part of streamlining workflow solutions in the modern healthcare settings,” said Mr. Ran Namerode, Chairman of Mennen Medical. “The medical carts’ business has been growing fast in the USA and other major markets in recent years and is expected to continue growing at a high pace. This increasing demand presents a great opportunity to companies that can offer a high-end sophisticated solution. We believe that Adi Medical’s products are perfectly suited to address this need.”

“I am pleased with this opportunity to bring together Adi Medical’s expertise and superb products and Mennen’s long history of leadership in the medical devices arena.” said Mrs. Nava Botvinik, CEO of Adi Medical.  “I am confident that this combination will result in positioning Adi Medical’s products as global leaders in this category.”

October 9th, 2018

CardioScale Wins CERPrize 2018!

Hôtel de Ville, Paris – Conference of European Rabbis greeted by French Technology Minister as they embrace the internet as a force for good. The event, which is under the patronage of the Prime Minister of France, Mr Édouard Philippe and Mrs. Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, brings together talented and ambitious entrepreneurs together with Europe’s most senior Rabbis to encourage using the internet for social good.

This years’ winner, selected from over 500 applications, is Israeli born Moaz Ben Ari, whose creation of the CardioScale Ltd. system revolutionises patient care by allowing medical professional to predict deterioration in patients, even when their vital signs are within normal range. This enables them to make informed decisions regarding intervention, and ultimately, help save lives.

June 21st, 2018

CardioScale Won First Prize In The 2018 Combating Terrorism Technology Startup Challenge

CardioScale Ltd. won first place and $100,000 prize with a device that will provide an early detection of hemodynamic deterioration after injury.

Its embedded proprietary medical monitoring algorithm in a portable device enables dramatic improvements in triaging, monitoring, and therefore survival rates of victims of terrorist attacks and other mass-casualty events.

Combat Terrorism Technology Startup Challenge  (CTTSC3) is a unique contest to identify startups with technologies that can help defeat terrorism.

CTTSC3 was organized by the US Department of Defense, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, together with the Israel Ministry of Defense, Directorate of Defense Research and Development and the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel. 130 start-ups competed and the winner was decided by a team of 55 judges.

June 20th, 2018

Belmont Instrument, LLC Announced It Has Acquired MTRE Ltd. Product Lines From Mennen Medical Ltd.

Belmont Instrument, LLC (“Belmont“) announced it has acquired MTRE Advanced Technologies Ltd. (“MTRE”) product lines from Mennen Medical Ltd. MTRE, headquartered in Yavne, Israel, is an advanced developer and manufacturer of non-invasive solutions for body temperature management. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Belmont’s acquisition of MTRE extends its portfolio to include non-invasive body temperature management solutions and advances Belmont’s strategy to invest in technologies that leverage the company’s existing product portfolio and sales channels. MTRE’s normothermia management product line includes the Allon® system and ThermoWrap® disposable garment, and MTRE’s temperature management portfolio includes the CritiCool® system and CureWrap™. These non-invasive solutions are designed to enable healthcare providers to exercise precise control of body temperature, allowing for significant medical and economic benefits. The portfolio targets a wide range of medical applications and disciplines. Specifically, the Allon system is indicated for use in hospital invasive and coronary care units, operating, recovery and emergency rooms, burn units, and on medical and surgical floors. CritiCool is a thermo regulating system indicated for monitoring and controlling patient temperature. CritiCool is commonly used in procedures where there is a need for Target Temperature Management. Both the ThermoWrap and CureWrap lines of disposable garments are available in adult, pediatric, and infant sizes.

Brian Ellacott, Chief Executive Officer, Belmont, stated, “We are very pleased to bring the MTRE patient temperature management portfolio to healthcare providers worldwide and to the Belmont family. This is the first among several planned strategic acquisitions for Belmont as we build out a strong global product portfolio to better support clinicians and leverage our core strengths in anesthesiology, critical care and trauma to broaden the availability of these products in the market.”

Ran Namerode, Chairman, Mennen Medical Group, stated, “We are thrilled to engage with Belmont in this transaction that will accelerate the growth of MTRE’s temperature management portfolio to benefit more patients globally.”